// Poetry //

July, 2019

Your days are as light as feathers. 
You sweep through life, 
floating on a heatwave from a hot summer’s day.
Maybe It’s a new love
or a promotion
or maybe it’s something else
that makes the days feel like dancing rays of light 
shining through a gown of silk 
It is sun-warmed ears filled with the rush of alcohol
And it’s the feeling of sand between your toes
It is an absence of worries and a handful of postponed decisions 
‘cause hey, we got more than enough time!
That is how it feels 
You can almost smell the sweetness in the air. 
And the chatter flows effortlessly and fills the voids between 
deepfelt laughter and innocent grins
There are twinkles in the eyes, and all the hugs that are shared 
are held just that extra second, so you know 
that they are real
and not just a gesture. 
But then, it happens. 
it happens. 
And you know at once
that it’s all over.
Like when you find a feather on a lawn. 
And you pick it up, break it, and let it go again. 
And watch 
as it tumbles to the ground
so helplessly.