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// Poetry //

July, 2019

Maybe It’s a new love
or a promotion
or maybe it’s something else
that makes the days feel like dancing rays of light 
shining through a gown of silk 
It is sun-warmed ears filled with the rush of alcohol
And it’s the feeling of sand between your toes
It is an absence of worries and a handful of postponed decisions 
‘cause hey, we got more than enough time!
That is how it feels 


The Bench
// Poetry //

August, 2019

I usually take the subway to my bench.
Not that it's actually my bench.
I just like to call it that.
Then I go the rest of the way.
Up the rain-cured subway stairs
Through the traffic and across the streets,
until I reach the park
and my bench.
Then I sit down and wait.
Alongside the other alcoholics.

Billede af Jordan Beltran

We should have seen it in the eighties

November 2019

We should have seen it in the eighties

 That growth led us out of the road

to nowhere

We were even warned by David Byrne and Talking Heads

who sang about the same road

and about nothing but flowers.

But our eyes were fixed on MTV

and on everything American.



and headfirst liberalism.